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8 May 2019

Welcome to Arena of Valor!

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Arena of Valor is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) style game for mobile. The game has multiple modes, with the main three being Grand Battle, Valley Skirmish and Abyssal Clash.Players compete in these matches which on average last for around 12 – 18 minutes. Players aim to destroy turrets on the map, in order to destroy the core.

Here with this link:https://youtu.be/WR3z1nbvcHc. You can find a breve introduction video about the game.

Wish you have a nice experience with this game!

8 May 2019

Simple Guide and Useful Skills for Beginners

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With this link:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzMjHxkHzhMZH4NEQ9SbUqvB8Lv2mUAcA.

You can get a series of videos that can offer you a lot of useful skills and must-know knowledge which can lead you to become a master in this wonderful game.


8 May 2019

Recommendations about the Game

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To enjoy a perfect game experience, there are a few factors you might want to pay attentions to before battle begins.


Have a good network signal

Your Internet will be an essential ingredient whenever you have multiple people battling each other on a mobile device at the same time.

You can check whether your Internet signal is stable by tapping it at the top right of the game log-on screen, confirming whether the game will be able to operate smoothly by adjusting it as cellular data or WiFi, based on your circumstances, so you can deliver an awesome performance.


A suggestion would be to go into combat when the signal is green; a yellow signal might need some evaluation, whereas it would be advisable not to play the game when it is red, as this will severely impact your gaming experience.


Having enough time

Fighting a single game in Arena of Valor will normally take around 10-20 minutes. This needs ensuring that you do not have any other matters to attend to, in terms of the following chunk of time when you start a game.

The feeling of giving up the game at the point of victory because you need to attend to something else urgently is not only unpleasant, but may also affect whatever you need to do.

Our recommendation would be not to play the game when in class or at work, as it will impact your work and also make it harder to focus on playing the game. So the experience won’t be very good either.


Enough battery power

One very basic point would be to know your battery power level. It won’t matter how much time you have, or how great your Internet is, if you don’t have battery power. You might want to cry out in frustration should your phone suddenly shut off due to insufficient power.

A recommended safe recharge level would be 20% or higher, to ensure that the game can come to a smooth end.

8 May 2019

Breve Introducción about Hero Types

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There are currently 78 heroes in Arena of Valor as of February 03, 2019. Arena of Valor divides the heroes into numerous categories that each play different roles. All heroes are classified as one of six categories, however some heroes can overlap and go into more than one category.

  • Marksman: Also known as «AD Carries (ADC)», marksmen are ranged heroes that usually deal physical damage. This hero type often deals sustained damage, and therefore are useful in team fights in order to reduce the health of the opponent. In addition to this, they are useful in taking objectives in order to win the game. However, they do not have much health and therefore are very vulnerable. Examples of marksmen are Fennik, Tel-Annas and Moren.
  • Mage: Mages are sometimes known as «AP Carries». These heroes deal lots of magic damage, often in a burst, however have weak defense and low mobility. Mages are a mix of ranged heroes, which deal high amounts of burst damage from afar, melee heroes, which deal lots of damage from close up, or a mixture of both. Examples of mages are Jinnar, Raz and Liliana.
  • Assassin: These are melee range heroes that are designed to deal large amounts of damage quickly, and often do not have much health. This hero type often searches for the enemy’s AD/AP Carry and other ‘squishy’ heroes. They have high mobility in order to be able to strike at valuable targets on the oppositions team such as the marksman or mage. Examples of assassins are Zill, Butterfly and Quillian.
  • Tank: Tanks are heroes that have large amounts of HP, and usually built armour to be able to take damage for the team. As a result, they often deal little damage, however, they often have abilities known as ‘crowd control’ that allow them to inhibit the movement of the other team. In addition to this, they can use these abilities to prevent the enemy team from attacking high priority targets such as the marksman or mage. Examples of tanks are Xeniel, Thane and Roxie.
  • Warrior: Heroes that have medium damage and medium HP, warriors are heroes that have moderate survivability along with moderate damage. These are usually melee heroes, that need to get close to the target in order to deal damage, and this is why they have lots of HP in order to survive this. Examples of fighters are Amily, Zanis and Maloch.
  • Support: Heroes whose skills aid the rest of the team by providing healing, buffing allies (such as movement speed buffs), debuffing the enemy team (such as stunning), or a combination of the above. Support heroes often are paired with the marksman in the early laning phase of the game where the support doesn’t attack minions, but instead focuses on aiding their partner and harassing the enemy heroes. Supports aid the marksman as they are often weaker during the early phase of the game and need support in order to survive. Example of supports are Cresht, Alice and TeeMee.

Players can purchase items, which make a large impact on the heroes stats and play style. An example of this is Butterfly, where if offensive items are bought, the hero deals lots of damage however has small HP and does not survive for long. If the Butterfly buys all defensive items, the hero can act as a warrior and take damage for the team whilst still dealing some damage. This can be applied to all heroes, allowing tanks to play as supports, or for mages to act as supports.

For more information, you can visit this link: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arena_of_Valor